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Mobile Apps

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Mobile Apps

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Custom Mobile App for your Clients

This client-facing app allows your clients to connect to your tattoo studio and receive special deals, book appointments, check out your services, re-book from their history and much more!

  • Appointments are booked in real-time so clients don't have to worry about their perfect spot being filled.
  • Keep clients coming back with additional loyalty point opportunities and last-minute specials.
  • Personalize MyDash and have your very own custom app in the App Store!
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Envision Cloud App - Mobile app for your Staff

Manage your business in the palm of your hand and empower staff with the tools they need to manage and exceed their goals.

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Always know what's on your books

Fully featured appointment book allows you to book appointments from anywhere, at any time, with any device connected to the internet. No more waiting at the front desk to prebook your client’s next appointment, or calling in every morning to see who is first on your schedule.

  • Icon driven and color-coded calendar allows you to see what is going on in your business at a glance.
  • Easily rebook appointments with a quick copy and paste.
  • Avoid booking errors by enabling qualified services, viewing one department, or a single employee at a time.

reduce no-shows with automatic appointment confirmations

Drastically reduce your no-show rate by allowing Envision to automatically confirm your appointments for you. You no longer have to spend your time calling tomorrow’s clients. You can focus on the clients with you today.

Photo of Iphone tattoo studio text message appointment confirmation and ipad tattoo studio updated schedule
Photo of tattoo studio scheduling interface on computer screen

Never overbook your rooms or Equipment

Never worry about over-booking your rooms, stations, or equipment for your services. Envision can automatically select the correct resource needed for services when booking an appointment.

Online Booking Anytime, Anywhere, on any Device!

Allow your customers to book appointments online or through your business Facebook page. Appointments are booked in REAL TIME so they appear on your calendar instantly!

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Quick and Easy check-Out

With Envision, your register is always with you. Easily process tickets using your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

  • Sell packages or prepaid items and let Envision track everything for you.
  • Add multiple tips to tickets.
  • Print or email ticket receipts directly to your clients.
  • Supports barcode scanner, or search for inventory by ID.

Increase Retail Sales

Never forget to recommend products again! Increase retail purchases by setting Envision to prompt your front-desk staff to suggest retail items when a specific service is added to the ticket.

  • Create recommendations notes with product benefits and usage instructions.
  • Instantly add recommended products to the ticket with one click.
  • Entice clients to purchase retail before leaving by offering specials for products purchased with a service.
photo of computer screen with example tattoo studio credit card processing

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Accept credit card payments with a seamlessly integrated solution and give your customers a quick check-out experience.

  • Credit card processing partners offer "Meet-or-Beat" rates for Envision users.
  • EMV compatibility helps to protect your business and your clients from fraudulent charges.
  • Stay PCI compliant and securely store credit card information for recurring billing and appointment reservations.

Take control of your Inventory

Manage and track your inventory based on your vendor orders and customer purchases.

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photo of iphone with tattoo studio gift card and computer tab behind iphone showing different designs

Sell Gift Cards In-Store and Online

Add to your bottom line and guarantee future income with gift card sales. Easily sell and track gift cards in store and let Envision be your 24/7 gift card concierge with online gift card sales.

  • Increase holiday sales and have guaranteed future income. 
  • Give your clients the opportunity to purchase the perfect last-minute gift.
  • Bring in revenue while you sleep!

marketing included

Reputation Management

Manage ALL your reviews in one place! With the reviews manager tool, you can automate, generate, monitor, share, and track reviews all from Envision Cloud.

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photo of examples of email templates for tattoo studio

No-Stress Marketing done for you

Isn’t it embarrassing when you forget your friend’s birthday or to send that “Thank You” note you meant to send weeks ago? Now you don’t have to worry about remembering those special days for your clients. Let Envision take care of the Well Wishes and Thank You's. We never forget!

Just a one-time setup means your email marketing or SMS text message marketing are sent on a regular basis. Text message marketing is optional.*

  • Send specials to clients with upcoming birthdays
  • Retain first-time clients with automated 'Welcome' and 'Thank You for Visiting' messages.
  • Reward referrals with exclusive offers.
  • Haven't seen someone in a while? Retain long-time clients with targeted offers to get them back in the door.

Target the right audience

Stay in constant communication with your clients and let Envision handle your marketing. Send promotions, announce new products, or wish your favorite clients a happy birthday! A simple email can be a reminder that it is time to book an appointment, building your client retention.

photo of email screen with example of tattoo studio email client would receive

Remind clients when they're due for a service

Everyone has those clients who wait way too long to book their next appointment.  Now you can let Envision remind them when it's time to schedule their service again.

  • Keep clients on a regular schedule to maintain their service and keep your books full.
  • Send up to 3 service reminders via email, text, or both.
  • You determine the message schedule to fit your services.

client Experience

photo of tattoo studio software with client list

Know your Customers

Envision allows you to have instant access to your client demographics, sales history, and more. Keeping accurate records of your client information allows you to tailor your marketing messages to their needs.

Reward Your Loyal Fans

Bring in repeat business and turn your clients into loyal fans with Envision's integrated Loyalty Point Program. Why go anywhere else when they get rewarded for shopping with you?

photo of tattoo studio software on computer screen with membership list

Client Memberships guarantee revenue

Do you dream about having consistent repeat business and a steady revenue flow? It's time to make your dreams a reality with Envision's Membership Program!

  • Create multiple membership programs to fit any client's needs.
  • Keep clients coming back with special offers and benefits exclusive to members.
  • Automate recurring billing and get a daily report of your billing success so you never have to worry about missed payments.

Staff Productivity

photo of computer tab with tattoo studio service type goals and appointment type goals

Get Real-Time Stats And Motivate Your Staff

Inspire a little friendly competition with Envision Cloud’s Performance Monitor. This tool allows you and your employees to actively track their progress towards a set goal.

  • See who’s leading your team based on a points system you design.
  • Customize goals based off an employee’s experience and previous achievements.
  • No more waiting! Have employee performance stats right at your fingertips.

Efficient Management and a Productive staff

Envision keeps your employee information at your fingertips and gives your staff the power to take control of their success.

photo of computer tab with tattoo studio service type goals and appointment type goals

Set Goals and Track your success

Accurately calculate your business and employee goals with advanced reports. This is an essential tool for companies working with consultants and coaches!

  • Set retail, service, and performance goals for your staff and your business.
  • Improve employee coaching by always knowing exactly where your staff is succeeding and where they can improve.
  • Stop running multiple reports and spreadsheets! Review your goals in one simple report.

Get rid of Sticky Notes and Upgrade to Tasks!

Forget about missed messages and remove those pesky sticky notes from your screen! Envision Tasks keeps your studio's to-do list in a central location so you can stay on top of what needs to be done.

photo of ipad screen with tattoo studio software tasks page


View your Stats at a glance

Why wait until the end of the day, week, or month to see how your business is doing? One glance at your dashboard shows you important sales data, new clients, key performance indicators, staff schedules, and much more!

photo of ipad with example tattoo studio daily dashboard of software page
Photo of Sales by Date Detail screen on tattoo studio software

Reports to keep you on Track

With just a few clicks, you can see your staff's – and your business’s – strengths and growing points.  Envision makes it easy to review your most valuable data in single reports.

Appointment Calendar

Increase Your Efficiency

With a quick glance at your calendar, you can see the most important information about your arriving clients. Booking multiple services, even with different service providers has never been so easy. Never worry about overbooking your staff or resources.

Grow Your Business

Integrated Marketing

Stay in constant communication with your clients using Envision’s Smart Marketing.

Automated Smart Marketing

Target Marketing

Integrated Loyalty Program

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